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Counselling Training


Collaborative Counselling Academy (CCA) provides professional counselling training and short courses for professional development.

We are an established and innovative organisation with a commitment to the counselling and psychotherapy profession.

We aim to qualify counsellors who possess a highly attuned ethical and relational presence and who are committed to continuing their development of self, personally and professionally.

We recognise the demand on mental health professionals, particularly trainee counsellors, in the current social and political climate.  Our courses take this into account and deliver above and beyond the requirements of our examination board in order to ensure our students are equipped to work safely in the counselling and mental health support settings they are likely to be.

The counselling training starts every autumn and applications are welcome throughout the spring and summer.

We also hope to be able to offer a low-cost counselling service in the future.


Introduction to Counselling via CPCAB – Click here

Certificate in Counselling Skills – Click here

Certificate in Counselling Studies – Click here

Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling – Click here